lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Mariah Carey The Art of Letting Go

En exclusiva!!! lo nuevo de Mariah Carey The Art of Letting Go. 

The day i met you that's the way i like you
The day we met that is the anniversary
We can let this power survive or escape
Another way for lovin' is the best time we met

The art of letting go!
My heart was beat goes off
Everytime you touch me i'm fail
I art this love to be.....
The art of letting go!

Don't care with me and i almost lovin' you
Want to believe in you to thje first time
We let the rain falling down on love
So the way is always be so rough


Oh oh oh I know i can stay away with me
I cannot pay the price of your love today
I think this is the special love that give of Lord!


The art of letting go...

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